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Apparel sales & bag tags have concluded for the season

BUT look at what you missed

... don't miss next year !!

NEW STYLES: Shirts, jackets, Hats & Visors

Light-weight, LS shirts, 1/4 zipper, PLUS visor (men & women)

Sue Conley     260.348.9777

Tam Lies          612.219.1962

Prepay only cash, check or Zelle before order can be placed

Many styles & colors

Light-weight, LS shirts,

1/4 zipper, Sweatshirts

Men & Women

Jackets, Sweatshirts, 

PLUS hats & visors

with collar

BAG-TAGS:  Sue Conley is also taking bag-tag orders through Jan 2023. 

Cost is $10, pre-pay only

sweat shirt
Crew neck SS shirt
Sweatshirt hoody (many colors)
V-neck shirt
sweat shirt

Pickleballs and ONIX Paddles

The Club has pickleballs and ONIX paddles for sale.

All equipment meets the HOA quiet paddle and ball requirements.

The paddles are priced competitively with any proceeds going to support the Club.

Please contact Neil Christensen for more information. 320-212-7037 or