Season Pickleball dues:

Dues are payable ($40) to Treasurer Torey Nash.   Forms to complete your info are in the Bylaws & Forms tab. 

Members get NEWS & INFO via email from Secretary, Debbie Carlson ""

Pickleball Courts 1-6 from drone

Pickleball Courts 1-6 from drone

Seasonal Club dues are $40 per year.  Membership forms are on this website.

Any SVE resident may use the courts during "open play." See the Court Schedules tab.

Become a "Buddy To A Beginner"

Help ease the transition of our new players from the Sport Courts to the new courts. Show them around, explain our play schedule, round robins and other activities. If interested, contact Jim Varner at 480-414-4711

Club Officers 2024~25    

President:                 Bob Foster — 281.639.7768   

Vice President:     Don Ryther 763.286.6370

Secretary:                 Debbie Carlson — 763.234.8088

Treasurer:                 Torey Nash — 719.339.1107    

Past President:       Neil Christensen — 320.212.7037 


Betty Placone is held in such high esteem by the membership of this organization that it has elected to confer upon her the full rights and privileges of honorary membership. 

Dated this 12th day of November 2023

LEATRICE Dewey is given a LIFETIME HONORARY Membership to SVE Pickleball


Lifetime membership awarded to Leatrice Dewey:

Over the years you have been a devoted and selfless member to our club as well as to many other clubs in the SVE community. Pickleball, Bingo, Golf and Tennis have all benefited from your complete willingness to help wherever help is needed. Someone simply needs to mention that there is a fundraiser or event to be held and you are the first to ask “what can I do?” When there are socks and donations to be delivered to help the less fortunate, you are there. When the annual pie auction to benefit MS is held, you are there. Whenever the Tennis Club needs your famous egg salad sandwiches to sell, you deliver. Words cannot express the appreciation we have for the generous gift of your time and loyal friendship. You are a great asset to the entire SVE community.

In honor of all that you have done for our club and to make our community as a whole a better place to live, the Sunland Village East Pickleball Club is proud to extend to you a Lifetime Membership.


The SVE Pickleball Club has awarded Buzz Gilbreath an honorary LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for all of the time and effort he has put into making our club more enjoyable.

Giving lessons, coordinating round robins, introducing people who are “New to Pickleball” to the game coupled with your easy-going and approachable demeanor has helped our club grow to become the largest club in the community.